Chocolatey as a default Windows package manager

Here and there I get a need to clean up my working machines in order to wipe trash, clean “hidden” artifacts, remove unwanted tools, etc. I can effort to do this (more frequently as I could normally) because:

  • Have all raw data stored on cloud storage or on (encrypted) partitions different as system partition.
  • Have software and license information at my hand (in opposite to ask/beg license manager, system manager or your boss for licenses and wait for a week to get it – if at all 😀 ).
  • Easy way to reinstall apps.

For now, let’s focus on last task.

Few years ago I manually searched, downloaded and installed software on my desktop after clean system install. This was cumbersome, time consuming and at the end there were always some crucial tools missing (it was no problem until I needed this tool for the first time- and of course always missing it at inappropriate moment).

Later on I used tools like Ninite or some similar “Install All Your Programs at Once” tool. This approach was easier, but I was not yet satisfied. Then Chocolatey came along!

Nowadays, I do application installation with Chocolatey. I put all applications needed in some script definition and install them automatically.

Using Chocolatey package manager – how to.

First you need to install chocolate package manage. Simply go to following link: and choose your preferable way. I use PowerShell way- in PowerShell Console I run:

When installed, I use simple script to pull and install all requested application from Chocolatey repository. For this I have simple batch script similar to:

After hitting <Enter>, I grab a coffee or too, wait few moments and my system is installed and ready to roll!

Simple, isn’t it?

What’s your way of preparing clean system?